40, 50 & Fabulous!

Whether it’s your BFF, wife, sister, neighbor or any other lady, if she is turning 40 or 50, it is a BIG deal! We think it’s a time to celebrate the occasion! Our 40 (or 50) & Fabulous decor is all about having a positive milestone birthday! 

Color Scheme: Pink, Silver, Black, White

Items Included:

  • “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Pink Balloon Phrase
  • Personalized Sign (rental-not to keep)
  • Fabulous themed pieces
  • Stars
  • Balloon (shaped) signs

We always personalize a sign. With the 40/50 & Fabulous decor, this  “____ is 40 & Fabulous!” sign is always the favorite!

Shown: Personalized Sign, Pink Balloons, 40/Fabulous Balloons, Pink Cupcake, Pink Present

Shown: Personalized Sign, Flamingos, Balloons

Shown: Personalized Sign, Flamingos, Pink Balloons, Black “40” Balloon, Black “40” Cloud

Shown: Sparkly Silver Star, Black “50” Star & Fabulous Balloon!

Shown: “Fabulous” in pink, silver & black, Black “50” Star, Pink Balloon & Flamingos in background

Shown: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Pink Balloon Phrase, big silver/black “50,” various Fabulous-themed pieces, sparkly silver stars, black stars, pink balloons, “50” black balloons & stars.


Shown: Some of our “Fabulous” signs!

Shown: Cupcakes & “Fabulous” signs!

Shown: 40, Fabulous with Buzzards! “40” Balloons & Clouds


  • Options To Mix In:
  • Flamingos
  • Buzzards
  • Cupcakes

We are happy to customize to mix & match pieces to make a FABULOUS birthday surprise! Be sure to fill out an Order Inquiry Form  and we can get started on creating your memory-making moment!