Have you heard of Anne’s Army? It is a local group of friends & teachers who got together to support Anne Cox, who is a first grade teacher at Gilmore Elementary, and who has been a Breast Cancer Warrior for the past year.

Her sweet first grade team wanted to celebrate with Anne so they had me sneak over & set up a crazy amount of smiley faces, smiley stars & Smiley Stan!

Trust me, this took some logistical coordination. Anne did not have any appointments that day, and so it was up to sweet Diana to take Anne to lunch & keep her out until she got the “all ready!” text message from me. Diana drove Anne back home, and Anne was SOOOO overwhelmed! AIt makes me tear up when I think of all of her emotions, and how much she appreciated all of the love that was oozing out of Smiley Stan and his fellow smileys.


Here is Anne hanging out with Smiley Stan! All these smileys were smiling so bright I think the Space Station saw them smiling for Anne!

I wish Anne many, many more years to celebrate life with her family, friends, teacher team & all the sweet first graders!! We love you Anne!!

Cheers to Anne!

Chris Ann