Crunch & Munch Gift Goodie Idea!

I know there are TONS of great holiday goodie ideas out there. Pinterest is chalk full of many hours worth!

One of my favorite bloggers & craft queens is from Crazy Little Projects. Amber has a nice little variety, even including how to sew tutorials (I really need to sign up for that)! I like this great idea of a Crunch & Munch Gift! I could see using it for all of the “little” gifts you want to give: Teachers, front office staff, favorite bank teller, nail lady, mail carrier, neighbor, babysitter…gosh the list could really go on & on…

Do you find yourself sometimes not being a super Martha Stewart crafter, or just flat out run out of time & need something quick & simple? I think this Crunch & Munch idea is the perfect go-to solution!  Print out the free Christmas printable, swing by the local grocery store for some Nestle Crunch, popcorn & the gift card kiosk. Add a Dollar Store stocking or other cute packaging-and boom-you’re done! It also looks so much more thoughtful than the mass production gift from the shelves. Total gift cost: As little as $5! That is awesome!
















Thank you to Amber at for sharing a great & “doable” gift project for non-crafty people. I think I will be adding this to my list of great little gift ideas for a few people!!!


~Chris Ann