You never know what kind of crazy is going on with us! The other day, Kristi picked up two yards & ended up with 100 flamingos cruising around with her!

Look at this priceless photo!

Kristi was a little concerned that if she got pulled over, none of the flock was wearing seatbelts. Hmmmm We do live on the wild side… 

Some of them were a “mood.” Look at this guy. He really did not want to get out of the car. He was having way too much fun!

These feathered friends came from two fun  homes. Aren’t these adorable?!!

Karen’s 70th Birthday in Friendswood 

Karen’s sweet sister wanted to put on a big celebration. She took her to breakfast at 9:30am, we swooped in & flocked her, and Luane (sister) drove Debbie home to reveal her big flocking surprise!

Friends & family came over for the fun. Can you tell they had a great time?!!  
Over in Whispering Lakes Ranch in League City, the flock was also roosting-this time for a 60th birthday.

 Debbie’s 60th Birthday 
We’ve heard from several neighbors & passersby about how wonderful Debbie’s yard looked. Our goal with each yard: Make the honoree & anyone who sees the yard smile. Mission accomplished. ?

Looking forward to more flamingos flying out tomorrow! 

?Cheers! ?

-Chris Ann, Meggan, Kristin, Regina & Kristi