Wow! Halloween is over, and it is officially November!! I can’t believe we only have two months left in 2011. Time is certainly flying by this year.


I have updated the website theme. What do you think?! I miss my old website with all its fun colors and all the functionality we had built in. But it is nice to be able to add fun plug-ins and access WordPress from anywhere. Hopefully soon I will have more of the site finished.

Has anyone else started thinking about their Christmas decorating yet? If you can imagine it, I have!!! hahaha  Believe it or not, I usually will buy store-bought Christmas outdoor decorations and also buy some yard-art from our local lady. But this year, I want to be different. And I want to help YOU be different. I used to offer Christmas reindeer flamingos to buy, and they were a big hit. I take my usual flamingos and add reindeer antlers, a red nose, and a jingle bell necklace. So in the spirit of being different, I am bringing back my reindeer flamingos!!! I will also be debuting my ginormous Santa flamingos. They are 4 ft tall!! Does that sound awesome?!!!

Another new addition are going to be our giant Christmas cards. Do you ever send Christmas cards with a cute photo of the family? Well, I am expanding that idea and will take that same adorable photo and make it into a 2 ft by 3 ft outdoor Christmas card. How fun will that be? I guarantee your neighbors won’t have that decoration!! hahaha  For those that don’t want the photo, I will also offer the same size Christmas card greeting like Merry Christmas from the Dale Family, or any greeting you want.

I will also be debuting our cute new line of gingerbread men, Santa’s toy shop, cute elves, adorable reindeer, and more on my wonderful weatherproof material that is easy to store. It will be something you cannot go to Target and buy. I can’t wait!! If there is a certain image you are wanting for your yard, maybe I can help. Let’s make this holiday season super fun, festive & fabulous!!!!!!

Please take a moment and share our new site with your friends. We would love to meet some new folks. Happy November everyone!!!!