Introducing my brand new “Happy Birthday” Balloon sign! I had the perfect opportunity to introduce it a few days ago.

The sign is 3 ft tall by 2 ft wide, and is obviously quite bright & cheery! I was debating on the color of the lettering, and looking at it, I am glad I went with red. It helps it to pop! I also thought it would be cute to add a couple of balloon signs to each side to really tie it in together.

Since it was a super colorful birthday theme, I added a few colorful presents, cheery smiley faces, birthday signs, and of course, more balloons! You coldn’t help but smile.

I drove all the way to Spring to deliver this special surprise for a best girlfriend!! It was quite the trek. I enjoyed getting to help, but I can’t keep driving to Spring & that area because of how long it takes.

Do you have any friends on the North side of town that might want to have. little supplemental income? I am actively looking for a delivery helper. Please help me spread the word! We can help make more people smile with a few more helpers around Houston.

I’ve got a lot of cool display themes, but every time I set up this traditional bright birthday display, it makes me happy. Who wouldn’t like this?!!

Cheers to Amy!

Chris Ann