Happy 15th Birthday to Flamingos 2 Go! I can’t believe it’s already been FIFTEEN years in business! I almost don’t remember what my life was like before setting out on this wild adventure.

How it all started: My new baby, Connor, was born. We were new to the area, without family or friends. I did not want to send him to daycare every day, and only see him after work. But we still needed me to make an income. And honestly, I needed to do something business-y also. It was also a good excuse to not have a spotless home. Hahaha

Connor just turned 15! Holy smokes!

15thbdayConnor was actually impressed AND surprised that I had a whole new MUSIC theme waiting on him when I brought him home!


He was thrilled with his gifts & surprises. He’s had the same non-smartphone for 5 years (his first phone), so I finally broke down & let him get an iPhone. He was beyond thrilled! He works hard with Flamingos 2 Go, & will help earn the $$$ to pay for the monthly phone bill. 🙂


Look for a special Birthday Blowout Giveaway to celebrate this amazing birthday!!

Thanks for supporting us all of these 15 years! 🙂


~Chris Ann