League City Team

I’m looking for the RIGHT team to help expand Flamingos 2 Go! Could you be the right fit?!!

Flamingos 2 Go has been around for TWENTY years. Yes-20. Part of this has been because of true perseverance, part of it has been because of having an amazing team of ladies throughout this time. There’s a reason for the new competition in town-because we are a FUN business & make so many people smile!! But in case you don’t know, I am the original & have a huge, long time, loyal client base. 🙂

I’m not looking for team members who just wants to clock in & out, needs constant supervision, doesn’t care about the quality of their work, or anyone who is just looking for a few bucks to tide them over until something better comes along. This isn’t a “delivery driver” business. No UPS driver jobs here.

Who IS the right fit?

Our future team members are great people who are loyal, have high ethics & integrity, enjoy having fun, coachable, a fast learner, have great attention to detail, are creative, flexible, committed to growing, thrives in building a special team bond, appreciates having an entrepreneur spirit VS an employee mentality. You are excited & filled with joy, insist on doing top quality work, want to pitch in & do whatever is needed to help the company grow & give clients the best experience possible.

Current Team Needs: Part-Time “WOW” Designers

Primary Objective: To service each client order.

What does this mean? You are responsible for the actual decorating of each client order, along with related duties.

More specifics on that:

  1. You’ll review the order details, prepare personalized sign, pull the proper inventory, which also requires knowing what pieces go well together (utilizing photos to get a good understanding), use Google Maps to see the home, getting a good idea of what will work best, then deliver to the home within the required time window.
  2. You’ll decorate the yard, taking your time to make sure it is up to our very high quality standard that our clients expect. You’ll take great photos, do a quick video showing off the yard, then text the client notifying them their surprise is completed & send them a photo. Once you’ve done a bit of this & gotten the feel for it, you can do Facebook & Instagram Lives, which are extra fun! You’ll also leave a card at the front door.
  3. You’ll edit the photos to make them look even better (cropping, lightening, straightening, etc), post on Facebook & Instagram, upload photos & video to our Google Photos album.
  4. You’ll also pick up the order. This is generally a day or two days later, depending on the client’s wishes. During the pick up, you’ll count the pieces to ensure all items are accounted for. You will also clean any dirty or wet signs & stakes.
  5. Next up, you’ll return the clean signs to their rightful storage places & remove the vinyl from personalized signs.
  6. You will send a thank you note (pre-formatted) to the client, which makes them appreciate the experience even more.

(Some smaller details: Check address & home street view ahead of time. Consider whether there are any road closures or if it is may be a gated community. Review the house photo & make an overall plan of how you will decorate based on the layout, tree placement, sidewalk, driveway, etc. It won’t be an exact science, but in the beginning, it helps to study it ahead of time by going over it with me for any recommendations/guidance, and expedite your time when you go to decorate.)

Do You See Yourself As A “WOW-Worthy” Designer?

Availability: For the first time ever, we are going to test out having 2 different shifts, which adds on an evening shift.

  1. Daytime: Will perform job during designated delivery time windows (based on client requirements). Sometimes it is as flexible as “anytime during the work/school day”-which can be 8:30am-2:30pm. I prefer deliveries be done on the earlier side of the time windows just to be safe. Sometimes there’s small time windows where the guest of honor will only be gone for 1-2 hours (lunch, shopping, etc). These require you to be there ready to decorate on the early side of the time, sometimes having to wait a few minutes for them to leave, but them bolting into action as soon as they’ve left. This takes the pressure off of you needing to be done before they “might” come back & catch you Pick-ups are generally really flexible. The exceptions are: Needing to use the same decorations for another delivery the same day (basically, pick up & re-deliver), if there is a yard crew coming & you need to beat them-or they will damage the signs — or there’s bad weather coming & you really don’t want to pick up in a down pour.
  2. Evening: This is a new test-run, so we will need a little flexibility in working out all of the potential kinks. Basically, most of the above applies except for the timing. Standard delivery time will be sometime after 8:00pm, but as late as 11:00pm. There can be plenty of hiccups for doing the early evening deliveries. For lots of clients, this is way too early because the guest of honor isn’t home yet or IS home, awake & would definitely catch you (seeing you out the window, on their security camera or the dogs barking). The new Ring doorbells are not our friend in these instances! haha The other challenge is decorating in the dark. It is super important to have studied a photo of the house/yard ahead of time. You can’t see house numbers in the dark. You’ll know where trees & landscaping are. Being as quick as possible is more important in the dark a lot of times. There’s more chance of neighbor dogs barking & for neighbors to start questioning what’s going on.

Days Needed To Work:

We receive orders for various days, 7 days a week. However, we do NOT have orders every single day. Orders do not consume most of your day/evening. Therefore, it would be ideal for someone who has a flexible schedule.

Example: Delivery: Monday morning 10:00am/Pick-Up: Wednesday morning 10:00am OR Delivery: Friday at 11:30am/Pick-Up: Sunday 4:00pm.

For Weekend orders, it would be ideal for someone to deliver early in the morning before 7:00am, and then have the rest of their day free. Pick-up could be arranged for either Sunday late-afternoon/evening or Monday morning.

You can expect for a super local, single order to take 1 1/2-2 hours total on average. This includes preparation, delivery, decorating, pick-up, return to storage. It DOES NOT include your drive time to/from my home. No job includes that.

Your Unavailable Times: This is an important one to think about!! Are you thinking “I have a life!” What about the other commitments you have like your kid’s birthday party, family outings, holidays, that day trip to the Magnolia Silos, my kid’s field trip to the zoo, the PTA board meetings, the dog’s grooming appointment, baseball practice, dance lessons, taking the car in for an oil change, doctor’s appointments, unexpected lunch with girlfriends or the husband, etc.?” You get the idea……

We all have lives & want to enjoy them! That’s the reason I’m expanding my small but mighty team! We want to create rich, full life experiences & cram in as much as we can every single day, right?! You know when your kid’s birthday is, when their well-child check-up is 2 months from now, or a dental cleaning 6 months from now. The school year field trips are planned at the beginning of the year. There’s certain things you just KNOW are going to happen. Your mom didn’t just spontaneously have a birthday pop up on Friday. What I’m expecting is that you don’t decide to take off “the next day” because your sister wants to go shopping with you or needs you to take care of her dog because she is driving her friend to the airport. Or because the PTA absolutely needs you to make copies for a teacher or attend the carnival planning meeting (side note-don’t let any volunteer job guilt you into volunteering & taking over your supposed “flexible life”). There’s ALWAYS other things to do every day. It’s a matter of choosing what’s more important & what your self-integrity is worth. If there are scheduled orders on dates that you are expected to work, then you are responsible for working your life around them. Any job requires that. The thing is we need to work as a TEAM & respect each other. Examples:

  • You’ve signed up to work Mon-Wed-Fri shifts. You’re expected to be available Mon-Wed-Fri.
  • You’ve signed up to work weekends from Fri. evening-Sun. evening. You’re expected to cover those shifts.

There’s not many days where you work all day. That’s the great part! It’s a part-time job where you work PART of the day. A lot of the time, it’s less than 4 hours out of your day. Still time to do all of those things on your to-do list like volunteer in the classroom, go to lunch with your mom, do the dreaded grocery shopping during non-peak hours, work out at the gym, take a college class online, shop for your mother-in-law’s birthday gift, take a wonderful nap, get a much earned massage, whatever the things that you’re doing now & hope to do (like hoping to get a nap). It’s about time management.

Some Unique Experiences You Can Expect:

  • Rain
  • Heat
  • Guests of honor being late or early (slightly impacting delivery set-up)
  • Dog poop
  • Ants
  • Tree roots
  • Tall grass
  • An adrenaline rush
  • Huge compliments & gratitude from clients & guests of honor
  • Hugs & tears from clients & guests of honor
  • A giant swelling of your heart, knowing how much you impacted someone’s special day, something they will remember for a LONG time.
  • Helping a community, one client at a time, to enjoy some happiness. You also help everyone else smile that sees the surprise. Before social media, it was an average of 50 people who saw the surprise. WITH social media, imagine how many more smiles you are bringing to the world!

Financial Compensation:

Initial compensation: Will average $10-15/Hour. Initially, you will be compensated PER ORDER. There will be a standard block-time average for your preparation & post-delivery time (on average 30 minutes). Actual decorating is approximately 30 minutes, but this can vary.

With PER ORDER compensation, you’ll earn a flat rate that will include all aspects of the order (as described above). All rates are based from starting from my home office in Tuscan Lakes. Rates are a MINIMUM of $15 for delivery in my super local area to Tuscan Lakes, South Shore, Marbella, Kemah/Clear Lake Shores, Victory Lakes, similar neighborhoods. Further deliveries will earn more $$ (example: Seabrook, West League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake).

When there are multiple orders at a time, you will switch to PER ROUTE compensation. It is quicker for the entire process when you go from order-to-order, on a delivery route, with all route orders loaded at the same time. It’s basically batching orders! These are my fave! PER ROUTE compensation will consist of the approximate time needed to perform all the deliveries simultaneously on the one route. Example: 3 deliveries in my super local area (listed above) would average a $40 fee.

A Non-Traditional Approach To Hiring Our Small But Mighty Team: Our Buddy System!!

Do you have a friend, sister, neighbor, mom, etc. who you would love to do this job with together? Someone who you could tag-team, whether it is do the deliveries & pick-ups together (LOADS of fun), split the shifts & orders with (you do Mon/Wed/Fri, she does Tue/Thur/Sat) or you deliver & she picks up while you’re at your kid’s class party, doctor’s appointment (or have a sick kid). There’s lots of scenarios when it’s better to have that buddy in it with you. Compensation would be the same as listed above. The difference is in how YOU share it.

Other Standards In The Buddy-System: Both parties must apply, interview, be approved, have their own agreement in place on how their internal system will run (NOBODY wants to run into a verbal disagreement on who gets paid), and each person must adhere to our company values & sign a business agreement. Basically, you would both be team members, but will share the orders you take on. The last thing I want is miscommunication on “who is doing what” and leaving the client frustrated because you get your signal crossed-or are mad at your buddy & decide to not do your part. Our clients & our company reputation do not tolerate the drama.

This is a trial program & will be terminated if it turns into a dismal failure. We are only looking for success-NO added drama, babysitting or counseling allowed.

As We Expand Again…Additional Team Members will be added so that there is not lots of stress of too many deliveries to do at one time.


If you want to see if we go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Fill Out This Application Form Here!!!!

Fast-track your application time. I ask that you take a fun personality assessment as part of your application. I highly recommend doing that before filling out the application. Find the assessment here. You can email your results to info@flamingos2go.com.

THANK YOU for taking the time & putting in the effort to explore a new career opportunity with Flamingos 2 Go! I greatly appreciate the chance to get to know you & see if we are a good match with each other!


Disclosure: This is an Independent Contractor opportunity. You will NOT be an employee or have any taxes withheld. You will receive a Form 1099 at the beginning of the following calendar year & are responsible for your own financial reporting & taxes. The perk is you will have self-employment benefits as outlined by the IRS. This may include mileage, home office & other deductions.