Do you have a teen about to get their driver’s license?!! Eeek! It’s an exciting & scary moment all in one! 

I’m excited to debut our New Driver sign! 


It can be mixed in with several of our other yard greeting themes. If it is also on the teen’s birthday, we can mix with our super popular pink Sweet 16 yard greeting theme, our fun lime green & blue birthday theme, or how about with our yellow & black theme with fun signs like “Warning: New Driver Inside!” “Uh oh!” “Beware!” with lots of bright yellow & black stars! 
What other new driver type of signs do you think would be a great addition with it? 
My 16 year old was late to start driver’s ed, so we are in the middle of the driving lessons. It is not for the faint of heart! Whew!  Now I inderstand why these kids need their OWN cars! Haha

Who is about to get their license? Sign us up to be part of the milestone day for your new driver that he or she will remember the rest of their life! 

Chris Ann