Delivery Areas/Rental Rates

Delivery Areas & Rental Rates

The Houston Delivery Areas


Northwest & West Side



  • Alvin, TX: $120-$130
  • Bellaire,TX: $140-$150
  • Bear Creek, TX (77084): $120
  • Clear Lake, TX
    • 77058: $110
    • 77059: $110
    • 77062: $120
  • Copperfield, TX (77095): $120
  • Cypress, TX
    • 77065-$100
    • 77429-$100-$110
    • 77433): $100-$110
  • Deer Park: $130-$140
  • Dickinson, TX: $100-$110
  • Friendswood, TX (77546): $120
  • Jersey Village, TX: $120
  • Katy, TX
    • 77494: $130-$140
    • 77450: $130-$140
  • Klein, TX
    • 77069: $120
    • 77379: $120
    • 77391: $120-$130
  • La Porte: $120-$130
  • League City, TX (77573):
    • East of I-45: $100
    • West of I-45: $110
  • Magnolia, TX (77354): $130
  • Memorial Houston, TX
    • 77077: $130-$140
    • 77079: $130-$140
  • Nassau Bay, TX: $100
  • Pasadena: $130-$140
  • Pearland-To Pearland Parkway (77581): $130-$140
  • Pearland-West of Pearland Parkway (77584): Very Limited
  • Pecan Grove: $140
  • Richmond, TX: $140
  • Rosenberg, TX: $140
  • Seabrook, TX (77586): $100-$110
  • Spring, TX
    • 77375: $130
    • 77389: $130
    • 77393: $130
  • Spring Branch, TX: $130
  • Sugar Land, TX: $140-$150
  • Tomball, TX (77377): $120-$130
  • The Villages (Hedwig & Piney Point), TX (77024): $130-$140

Rental Rates listed are starting rates. Actual rates vary based on several things:

Type of service, theme, number of signs, personalization, the amount of time rented, distance to delivery, special requests, and so forth. The best way to receive a specific rental rate is to fill out a Order Inquiry Form with all of your pertinent information & details.

If you want to learn more about the actual steps, please visit our Start Here page.

Additional Packages & Options:

40fabulousflamingosDeluxe Package: Add $20 to the Standard Rental Package.

Everything in the Standard Package + A Lawn Letter Set (see example below)


Lawn Letter Set Choices

  • “Happy Birthday” Pink Balloons Set
  • “Happy Birthday” Assorted Color Balloons Set
  • “Happy Birthday” Hearts Set
  • “Happy Birthday” Yellow Stars Set
  • “Over The Hill” Tombstones Set
  • “We Love You” Red Heart Set
  • “Happy Anniversary” Red Heart Set
  • “Congrats Grad” Yellow Star Set
  • “Welcome Home” Set
  • “#Smile” Set ($10 extra)
  • “Cheers” Set ($10 extra)

Add-On Items:

Black “40″ “50″  or “60″ Clouds-Set of 5-$10 per set






Extra Balloons-Black or Rainbow Assortment/Set of 6- $10 per set





Extra Stars-Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue – Set of 5 – $10 per set





Extra Red Hearts-Set of 5 – $10 per set



Large Signs – $20

Large 3 Ft. #50






Large 3 Ft. Sweet 16 Set





Giant 4 Ft. Birthday Cupcake





6 Ft. Bright Pastel Birthday Cake






6 Ft. Bright Rainbow Birthday Cake





Giant 5 Ft. Wedding Cake






The Big Number “One” 4 Ft.




Rental of a 2 x 3 Sign – $20

  • Happy Flockin 50th Birthday John!
  • We Flew In For Emily’s 40th Birthday!
  • Flocks of Love For Jan’s Birthday!
  • Happy 50th Leroy You Old Buzzard!
  • Lordy Lordy Michelle Is 40!
  • Isn’t It Nifty Floyd Is 50!
  • Sue Is 40 & Fabulous!
  • Happy Happy Birthday Riley!
  • Happy Birthday Amy!


Rental of a 18″ x 24″ Sign – $10

Happy Birthday {NAME}!

Any message – $10

Purchase Your Keepsake Signs!!!

18″ x 24″ – $25

2 ft x 3 ft – $50


What are Full Service Yard Displays?


We deliver and set up the display of your choice during daylight hours, all times pre-arranged with you, our client. We can work these times around your honoree’s work schedule, or during a birthday or special occasion luncheon in most cases. All you will need to do is give us the pertinent contact information and pay us–we do the rest! Then you can wait for a big chuckle when the surprise hits!


Rental packages are for one night. They include delivery, set up/yard design, return to pick up & cleaning.

We do not offer any deliveries during the night or early in the morning due to several factors, including safety issues. However, it is more fun for your honoree to come home from work or school to a yard full of surprises! Imagine their shock as they drive closer to their home and see what is waiting for them in their yard! We have found there is MUCH more impact with the guest of honor coming home vs rushing out the door to drive away.








Delivery Times: We attempt to do all of our deliveries while kids are in school. Therefore, that typically leaves the time window of 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make a delivery at your desired time.

Recommendation: If the honoree will not be at work/school during the desired delivery period, arrange for someone to take them out for a birthday breakfast, birthday luncheon, coffee, pedicure, or any other activity. The most fun is to be WITH the honoree as they arrive home, and they know there was no surprise when they left only a short while ago. It is the BEST!!!

Payment: Payment is required to secure your booking. All orders must be prepaid. We provide you with an online invoice, that details out all of the specifics of your order. You will click “Pay” on the invoice, and it will take you to a secure online payment page. We are sent a notification that payment was made. All sales are final.


Gated Communities & Restricted Areas

If the delivery address is in a gated community or restricted area, you are responsible for gaining permission for our service. We are not responsible for obtaining authorization. Therefore, if you know we are required to enter a gated community, please provide the appropriate gate code or instructions on how to gain access. If we attempt to deliver your display and cannot enter due to these reasons, you are not issued a refund. Please plan ahead so we can make it fun for everyone!

Hard Ground & Dog Poop

We sometimes have a hard time setting up our displays even after we’ve had rain. Please water the yard before we arrive! If you do not live at the home, please tell someone else in the home to water.

Also, we are having a difficult time with excessive amounts of dog poop. It’s unpleasant to talk about, but imagine having to place your hands all over the yard with dog poop, and to have to walk in it. It’s even more unpleasant to have it so up close and personal! Please clean up your yard before we arrive. If you have lawn service, please DO NOT have them mow over dog poop. All this does is spread the dog poop all over the yard in smaller pieces. If you are not comfortable working with us, we would recommend you using our Do It Yourself package, and you can handle the details of your set up, the hard ground, and the dog poop.

Yard/Lawn Services: Weed-eaters & lawn mowers will chew up & destroy our signs. Lawn crews are not equipped to cut lawns with signs in the yard. Please, please arrange for lawn service to come the day BEFORE we deliver. Your  yard display will be safe & look amazing. You are responsible for the damages. If you do not live at the residence, please coordinate with someone in the home.

Fill out a Reservation Request Form and include any special details in the Special Comments area. We will be able to give you a specific rental quote based on your needs.

If we do not service the area, we will do our best to refer you to another company.