Believe it or not, turning 50 really does sneak up on you. I’m not sure if Larry remembered he was turning 50, but we made sure to remind him! 


You just can’t help but smile when you turn the corner & see Larry’s buzzards staring you down. Perhaps it’s easier if you’re not Larry. Nah. I think he’s a pretty good sport about all of the razzing. His wife just better watch out because he knows who to call when it’s HER birthday!!! 

It just so happens we’ve done sooo many displays for this great family that we could ahow you how much their trees have grown throughout the years, when their kiddos have graduated kindergarten & so many wonderful family celebrations! We just love how special they make each occasion.

 Here’s Larry “appreciating” the wonderful sign made in his honor: “Isn’t it nifty-Larry is 50!”


I can’t wait to see what the next occasion is I get to do for this sweet family. I think this must have been at least their 12th rental!!!!

Cheers to Larry & to celebrating 50!

Chris Ann