Mission Statement:

Flamingos 2 Go is built on a simple mission-to make people S M I L E !!

The Long, Long History

Who Are We?

The Founding Family!

Founder: Chris Ann Dale

Behind-The-Scenes Rock-Star Husband: Chris Dale (notice a name similarity?!!)

Younger Flockers: Connor & Logan (do I add ages & their bios here?)

The Founding Flocker, Chris Ann Dale, began her business in 1999 when her brand new baby, Connor, was born so that she could stay home & raise him. Her family needed just a little “extra” monthly income every month, so she set out on that objective to earn that little “extra” but while having baby Connor in tow with her. The cost of daycare (and the idea of not being with him most of his young life) were motivation to create something that would work for her family.

Originally, Chris Ann started an online company back when it was not super common for all families to have computers in their homes yet, let alone for people to get online and use the internet (we’re talking dial-up modems!). But her wonderful & tech-savvy husband took on the challenge of building a website (all of these easy website builder tools did not exist then either). Chris Ann started a tiny internet business selling baby and children’s products either invented or made by parents. Very pre-Etsy! These were cool products like a hands-free baby bottle (it was a life saver in the car & Connor had it velcroed to his car seat a lot), a shopping car protector (first one on the market actually), embroidered onesies & bibs, the Boppy (it was just being introduced and look at its success), Baby Einstein videos (talk about LOVING these), and quite a few other incredibly cool products. She was definitely a forward-thinker by taking on this niche!

It didn’t take long before Chris Ann decided she wanted something “she” made and wanted to help the local community with celebrations. She thought up stork yard sign rentals, and researched the local market to find there was only one stork yard sign company in far, far west Houston. She had a mission, and started her stork yard sign rental business! Again, her incredible & wonderful hubby stepped in, and used his mad drawing skills to take what she envisioned & put it on paper. Yes, paper! Gasp! It gets better. How do you take a small letter size paper & transfer the pattern onto a large 8 ft. piece of plywood?! Well, Chris Ann drove to her sweet friend Diane’s in Dallas. Diane was a new interior designer with lots of awesome tools. They used her old-school projector & butcher paper to draw the first template! Then, the rock-star husband traced the paper drawing onto good, old-fashioned plywood and cut out the very first Super Stork! He was awesome, by the way! He was so big he had to be transported by truck to be delivered each time!

How did Chris Ann get that little business started locally? Well, good, old fashioned marketing. She made up a cute flyer and I went in a sweet, family owned local florist & asked if I could leave some flyers. She even asked if she could set up a stork in front of their shop, and amazingly, they said YES! Woohoo!! Not long after that, people started ordering storks, and the rock-star husband had to start making more storks! It was a great little business. Oh yes, in the meantime, little baby Logan was born. This added on two little ones to go on every order now! There were plenty of stories just with that! Temper tantrums, diaper blowouts, then the ever-so-lovely potty training days…..all while just trying to be professional and surprise someone by decorating their yard! Ha!!

Fast Forward:

The young flockers are now a high school senior & sophomore! Oh my!! They grew up quickly!

Sanity Check

There are 24 hours in a day. All day. Every day. The life of a mom business owner can be full of lots of juggling! Balancing act? Never figured that out. But juggling about 12 plates at once and then having the 13th plate thrown in sometimes – now that is the ballet I have learned to dance to!

The Team

There were occasional times when we would schedule a very rare vacation, or we would receive more orders than one person could handle at one time easily during graduation week. It was time to reach out to awesome, dependable friends.

Come On Board, Meggan Flanagan!

Meggan is an angel on earth! She is a special education teacher who works with the most special students. She pours her soul into pushing her kids to learn and grow. Meggan was named Teacher of the Year in 2014, which she very much deserved!! She started by helping during graduation week, and was an absolute life saver. Then, she started making it possible for Chris Ann to actually take little vacations & not have to worry about anything at work. Meggan knew how to work the vinyl cutting software & machine, weed & apply vinyl to sign board, and has such an incredible eye for design and detail. She often spends an hour on each yard she decorates. Meggan has one awesome & cool son, Sean, who is Logan’s age, along with her handy-man husband, Mike. You’ll find Meggan running the show in the summer time while Chris Ann gallivants to parts unknown.

Kristin Thompson

Kristin became part of the flocking family in March 2015! She has a huge heart. We met through the Epilepsy Foundation of Houston. Logan was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2nd grade, and a dear friend recommended we contact the Epilepsy Foundation & learn about their great special camps. Kristin was the Camp Program Director! She did such an outstanding job making their kids with special situations & challenges enjoy a “regular” summer camp experience, and blessed many families’ lives!

Kristin left the Epilepsy Foundation, got married, and had the cutest baby! She was looking for a little “extra” monthly income where she could be creative, but not put baby Magnolia in day care. Kristin also has a really awesome (now in junior high) daughter, Addison, and her cool & super supportive husband, Charly. Chris Ann was tired of turning down business in Northwest Houston, so she decided to contact Kristin about joining the team.  She took on the role as manager for all clients in Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Bear Creek, Jersey Village, Memorial, the Villages & Katy. Kristin has great customer service skills & always has a million dollar smile on her face! You will usually find Maggie riding along supervising Kristin!

Kristi Brasel

Kristi became a flocker in November 2015! We met through church! She was also a sweet client & flocked her dad when he retired.

Kristi is the professional volunteer. She has a great family-Trevor, her awesome husband, along with Sydney (about to start middle school) and Lance (2nd grade), the youngest person I know who can tell you every state, their flag & bird. She is also is a very popular substitute teacher, rock-star PTA volunteer and church volunteer leader. She also is a college student! She does manage to sleep in between all of her action packed days!

Christa Dodge

Christa joined the flocking team in August 2016! She loved the idea of getting to make people smile, and how Flamingos 2 Go was different than other companies. Christa is a professional event planner, so she knows all about how to make things happen!

Brandice Forrest

Brandice became a flocker in September 2016!