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We Have 3 Order Form Categories. Please Select The One That Best Fits Your Occasion!

We will get back in touch with you with details within a few business hours. If it is a very urgent request for the next day, send us a Facebook Message.
Please note that we are also out decorating yards, so on very busy days, we may take a little while to get all of the information prepared & over to you. This could mean it’s the next business day that we are able to properly reach back out to you.
If it is a weekend, you should hear back from us on Monday. 🙂

And remember, cyberspace is still a bit of an unknown. There are rare times when a form does not reach us, whether it be a technical glitch in cyberspace, or you didn’t fill out all the order form fields & didn’t realize the form did not go through. Either way, please be sure to e-mail us if you haven’t heard back in 2 business days. Except for life emergencies or during graduation week, we typically reply by the next business day.


This means some days, I spend the entire work day in the car & in the guests of honor yards. I do not want you to feel ignored, but please know Houston traffic is such a challenge sometimes that it seems to take a lot longer to get to & from the destinations than ever before. I’m not able to quickly get back in touch the same day when these moments occur. But I DO try my very best, and hopefully, the next day is not “as crazy” so I am able to give you the best service you deserve.

We Are NOT Able To Accommodate Late Night or Early Morning Requests Whatsoever. It’s also not the best way for the guest of honor to see their surprise for the first time (you don’t want to see a big canvas of plain white plastic/the back of the decorations as your first glimpse AS you’re usually rushing out the door to get to work or school quickly, because then you don’t have proper time to really enjoy & “take in” the surprise).

If this is an absolute requirement for you, there are now loads of companies that will come out & decorate with lawn letters during the night!! Then they will pick up early that evening. If the guest of honor gets home early, they’ll still have a little time to take photos & admire the decor as long as they are not busy with birthday festivities (or family-for most moms). If they are busy celebrating, enjoying family & friends perhaps at a restaurant for dinner, unfortunately, they don’t typically get much time to have enjoyed the decor. In other words, there are pros & cons to how you do it. The great part is you get to decide what is best for your loved one! If you do contact the other businesses, I would appreciate it if you let them know Flamingos 2 Go referred you over! 🙂

Let’s get your special friend or family member honored so you can be the rock-star hero & create WOW-WORTHY memory-making moments!!