I have been asked for help with starting a business countless times. I’ve had a number of wonderful people run their own successful Flamingos 2 Go businesses. Some people want to start a yard greetings business. Others want to find “the right business” that suits their needs, but need guidance. I want to help as many people as I can

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There’s a lot to do when deciding to start a business! Brush up your business savvy with some wonderful reads, creative graphics & important business resources I really recommend! Note: I get compensated by the following products that I am suggesting. I would not be recommending them if they were not great. I use these services & products, and truly believe you won’t go wrong by trying them also.


Do you already know you want to sell products online? The most streamlined way of doing this is to create your site & store on a super successful e-commerce platform. I highly recommend Shopify. It is very economical, and really does all the hard back-end framework for you. They’ve got some amazing themes, and their credit card processing rates are the same as getting your own online processor by yourself.

Full disclosure-this is an affiliate link, meaning I make a small commission if you sign up. But I am building a separate site there myself, and do think they’re the best & easiest solution online.



She Means Business by Carrie Green is EXCEPTIONAL! It is a wonderful book and audio book to really help you get into the right mindset. I’ve read this book & have re-listened to the audio book multiple times! You really will learn a lot. 



The 5 Second Rule By Mel Robbins is another outstanding book! I enjoyed the Audio Book tremendously & gained some valuable insight.


You’re going to need a great CRM for your business. I’ve tried MANY platforms, and I highly recommend the amazing Dubsado!They will help you get your business systems all organized & you will be so happy you signed up with them. Better yet, if you sign up through my link, you’ll receive 20% off! Woohoo!! We all love a deal!!

Web Hosting!

Everyone needs a website & web hosting for their own business. There’s tons of options on the market. But after researching many, we have found BlueHost is your best bet for your hosting needs. As low as $2.95 per month! Holy moly! You just don’t beat that for what you get either! {Full disclosure-I DO receive a commission from these links, but I only recommend services & products that I feel strongly about!} I recently switched to the BlueHost Cloud Hosting & am loving this new & I think emerging web hosting platform!



Video & Audio Software

These days, it is important to create videos, podcasts & all kinds of other visual & audio presentations for your clients & team. Every business needs some of this. I started using Corel VideoStudio recently, and as a newbie, I’m happy to say it is user-friendly & doesn’t require a lot of techy knowledge. I highly recommend it!



Find gorgeous creative fonts & graphics to build your business brand at Creative Market!

Not sure what kind of business opportunity you’re looking for?

Be sure to consider Amazon!

Here’s a free e-book from my friends The Selling Family that may help give you some insight. Be sure to read their story, because it will knock your socks off!

If you want more in-depth training, check out their Amazon Boot Camp Course. It is awesome!


f2gpartylogoLooking for a fun & unique part-time business? Would flamingo flocking be a great business fit for you?



Our business brings smiles to thousands of people! If you are interested in starting your own Yard Greetings business, consider joining the Flamingos 2 Go Team OR getting the coaching needed to start your very own, independent company! ???????????????????????????????????? Home based businesses are a lot more common than when I started in 1999. Many business aspects have gotten MUCH easier. Traditional business & marketing has had a huge paradigm shift since then.  In that time, we have learned & experienced A LOT, much of it through trial & error. There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel unless you want to spend plenty of time learning without any help.  You may spend $5000-$8000 to buy into other small business opportunities, but do not have the experience behind them. One of the most important things we are looking for are entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms & dads, other business owners who want to expand what they offer, but they must have INTEGRITY. Ethics are absolutely integral to be any part of the Flamingos 2 Go team. We have old fashioned values where your hand shake is your word, and you stick to it. There are multiple business opportunity packages because there is not a “one size fits all” perfect business. You may want to invest more up front & reap the benefits quickly; you may prefer the lower start-up package, go more of the DIY route, and grow the business slower but at your own pace & less investment. You may be looking to start your own & would like to hire me as a consultant. We are happy to build a CUSTOM BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PACKAGE just to meet your unique business goals. Let’s see if we may be the right fit for each other!

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  • Yard Greetings League City & Clear Lake
  • Yard Greetings Katy & West Houston
  • Yard Greetings Sugarland – Missouri City – Part of Katy
  • Yard Greetings The Woodlands – Spring – Conroe area
  • Yard Greetings Pearland & Missouri City
  • Yard Greetings Deer Park – La Porte – Pasadena – Baytown


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Affiliate disclaimer: Yes, I am an affiliate for several companies & specific products/services. This means the company provides me with some sort of compensation or reward for suggesting their product to others.

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Denise Sivek Falls
Awesome person with beautiful signs for all occasions. Super easy and convenient to use. I highly recommend
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Heather Nicole
Thanks F2G! My bestie loved her flock!!
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Laurie LaMuse
Excellent communication, punctual service, and friendly to boot. Chris Ann went beyond my expectations & made my Mama one happy lady. A very unique and memorable gift. Heartily recommend!read more
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April McEwen Darling
I am so thankful for the care we received with Flamingos2Go! My daughter and son-in-law were so surprised to arrived home with their brand new baby twins. They both had grins from ear-to-ear as they stood in front of the precious storks and keepsakes. Thanks to this professional and personal company for their patience and timely support on our very special more

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