After realizing I’ve been doing this for 16 years, I decided it’s time to celebrate this big birthday. We are working on a fresh logo & website that you will hopefully really like!

Our logo?! Well, we’re working with some very talented graphic designers to come up with something fresh but also keeps the fun element. A new, girl flamingo mascot will be a fun addition!

Here’s my wish list on some website features:

  • Fresh Photo Gallery-showing recent flockings & happy guests of honor
  • New Themes Showcase-separate pages detailing each theme we offer
  • E-Cards-Send anyone a virtual flocking through our new e-cards, where you will be able to select from a variety of themes & occasions
  • Party Planning Section-tips & articles to help you plan just the right celebration! Will include food & drink ideas, recipes,  cakes & yummy treat ideas, DIY decor, types of parties/pros & cons, local suppliers, invitation ideas…and hopefully more!
  • Free Printables-Print out a quick invitation, thank you card, DIY decorations, themes  from birthday to seasonal (Back to school, Halloween, Valentine’s, etc.)…and hopefully more!
  • Date Reminder-Have us remind you of special dates & occasions coming up in the future. This could be really helpful for reminding husbands of special occasions (hint, hint…your birthday or anniversary).

We would love your help! What specific features do you think would be really helpful & beneficial to you & others? Please tell us!! We are building this for YOU (our valued clients & readers), so we want itto be something you would like.

We will be looking for contributors for the Party Planning Section. This is a section where we can have one time contributors and regular contributors. If you like to keep up with the current party trends, have party tips, menu ideas, free printables, etc., we would like to hear from you! Our contributors must be well spoken, have excellent writing, grammar & spelling skills. If you have a businessthat specilaizes in a specific area, we will link the article to your blog or website. This is by volunteer only, and contributors are not paid.

Let us know if you like the proposed features, any we are missing, and any areas in theParty Planning section you would like to contribute to. We’ll be needing articles & contributions probably in early-mid August so we can have them up when the fresh website is debuted.

We cannot wait to hear from you!!!

Cheers! ?

2011-mrcoolChris Ann,

Kristin &