Can you believe it’s been 16 years since I started this little endeavour?!! I can’t!! Since I started it with the primary mission of being able to stay home with my new baby & provide a litte supplemental income at the same time, it’s easy to know how long I’ve been at this, as I watch that sweet baby grow & get older. 

My baby Connor is now 16!! I honestly think I must have been in a deep sleep for a few years because it’s happened so quickly. He’s going to be a junior in high school. He’s taller & definitely stronger than me now. We have to think about college-really?!! Wow. Sigh.

I will block all of that reality (which leads to sadness about his impending growing up)…to ceebrate the business Sweet 16!

Thank you to everyone throughout the years for their tremendous support in so many ways. I’m still plugging along, and hope we can make many more guests of honor smile.

Raise your glass & say Cheers! ?

Chris Ann