May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope all of our Flamingos 2 Go friends have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Whether you are a mom, grandma, Godmother, daughter, step-mom, aunt or dear friend, you are special!

There’s enough “yuckiness” going on in the world today, and most of our lives are so hectic & chaotic, that we get caught up in just getting things done every day. The great part about a special day such as this is it reminds others to take just a moment to remember the wonderful ladies in their life that do so much for them.

Most of our sweet clients are moms, grandmothers & wives. They are the ones who take care of everyone, and try to plan celebrations to make a certain someone feel special. We are extra appreciative of you because without thoughtful people, we would not get to go help make others smile every day.


Of course, we are also thankful for the special ladies in our lives, and to have our own wonderful kids that makes us moms. They make life so rewarding and fulfilling!

I have to put my mom hat on for a second, and show off my boys. They are the sole reason this business exists. From the time they were in car seats until now, where Connor can almost drive (EEEEK!!!), they don’t know what “normal” moms jobs are like. They only know about my crazy business!

My Shy Boys! (haha)


April 2015 – Connor (center) 10th Grade after Pre-UIL Concert


Fall 2013 Marching Band – Connor (9th Grade & his marimba

I never get tired of watching Connor play


Summer 2008 – Connor & our sweet pooch Riley
(My favorite photo of them )


March 2015 – Logan 8th Grade- Chamber Orchestra UIL Contest
It is amazing to watch Logan play this giant instrument


Spring 2009-Logan 2nd Grade With Baby Chicks!!
That smile says it all!


Fall 2004 – Logan 3 years old (sighhhhh)


Let’s not forget my sweet new partner-in-crime, Kristin!

Kristin’s oldest daughter, sweet Addie, got to decorate her first yard for her Nana (Kristin’s mom)! They were all so excited, and Nana just loved the special & thoughtful gift!!!


Thank you for indulging me while I reminisce through some of these precious photos! Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to make a photo album of all of my favorite memories! In my spare time….. (insert big chuckle)….

Cheers to all of the wonderful ladies on this special day!!!

-Chris Ann