April 11, 2015

Wow! Today is my birthday, and it has been one of the best birthdays!  I’ve never had this much outpouring of birthday wishes.

It started with my super awesome & sweet husband making Belgian waffles with strawberries for breakfast! Super yum! I was beyond thrilled that he got me a new (and hopefully easy) camera with WIFI! I’m not at the fancy SLR camera skill level, but sometimes my little iPhone is just not enough. I still have to learn this fun new point-and-shoot camera though. 

I looked out the front door & to my very pleasant surprise, my yard wS flocked!!! Awwwwww. My hubby worked so hard to make it great!


Yes, even the “Chief Flocker” gets flocked sometimes…and I love it!! Funny thing is, I had so much stuff rented out that I didn’t have a whole lot left in stock, and it’s not like he could ask me where anything was!

Then my adorable friend & assistant flocker Meggan took me out for a few hours. Funny how I was thrilled to go to Hobby Lobby as a birthday outing. I was excited to find this cute flamingo art work for $7.00! Score for another great birthday present (I had a gift card even!)


You already know about my amazing flamingo wreath. I can’t stop staring & admiring it. I acknowledge that I have always had a flamingo affliction/appreciation (who else picks an apartment based on the fact that it is on Flamingo Street & is pink stucco, has pink flamingo bath towels & eventually names their company Flamingos 2 Go, with 400 flamingos living in the garage).


It was literally the icing on the cake (yes, pun intended) that I received such an amazing & really cool flamingo birthday cake! I mean, seriously. I was shocked by how stinkin’ adorable, cute & pink it was…and it was made for ME. Wow.  


For those of you wondering if I was brave enough to cut it, yes, I gathered enough courage & cut it open  on the back side. My engineer husband was rather shocked that I did this…AND that it did not fall! 

What’s even better is that I cut TWO more slices out of it & it’s still standing. By the way, it tasted GREAT!! Sometimes a dessert can be so beautiful, but taste terrible. Well, this was Not one of those times! Very happy it was yummy. 

A separate note. On the other side of town, my new flocking manager, Kristin, was throwing a 1st birthday shindig for our new flamingo mascot (aka her baby girl), Magnolia.   

I think Maggie is ready to run the show. Or at least run, by the looks of it!

Here is Kristin’s first display:


Pretty darn good for a first-timer, don’t you think?!!

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday messages, texts & Facebook posts!  I hope everyone gets to enjoy a birthday as great as this. 

Cheers to all of you, my great supporters, for allowing me to share my flamingo addiction with you for so many years! And another cheers for it to continue for many years to come!


Chris Ann