SWEET 16!sweet16-morgan-big16

I have to just say, I LOVE our Sweet 16 theme! This yard display is always such a hit! Nobody ever thinks about decorating outside for a Sweet 16…except for my awesome clients!!!!!

This is the most popular way I set up the Sweet 16 decorations: The big “Sweet 16” sign with the two hearts flanking it with “Happy” and the girl’s name heart. You can keep the girl heart or just return it back & I re-use it. The pink “Sweet” cupcakes & the white & pink hearts are just the perfect combination to make any Sweet 16 birthday extra special.


This particular honoree had a split yard, so divided the Sweet 16 decorations to suit both sides perfectly. This side had more cupcakes & hearts, but also a couple of “Happy Birthday” signs and pink presents.


There are a few other options available with the Sweet 16 theme.

  • “Happy Birthday” Pink Balloon Lawn Letters
  • Black/Silver/Pink “Blingy” Stars & Balloons
  • Big 4 Ft. Giant Pink Cupcake


Because of how unique the Sweet 16 yard decorations are, it is very popular, and rents out a lot! It’s one our top 3 renters!! Love that!!!!!! The girls are always so happy-and sometimes there’s a few tears-but one thing is for certain…these girls have an incredibly happy memory of their Sweet 16 birthday!

If you’ve got a girl in your family about to turn 16, I can guarantee this is one of the most special presents you can give (besides a new car, of course). Reserve it as early as possible, though. There’s only one set available. You would be surprised how these birthdays overlap with others.

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-Chris Ann