It’s officially Halloween weekend!! Woo hoo!!! I love the excitement it brings, and seeing all the kiddos getting to dress up and have so much fun.

The one downside to Halloween is our pink feathered friends (and all the other themes) are afraid to come out & play for fear of being vandalized or kidnapped. So it is the one day of the year they all are grounded. And do you know how many birthdays are on October 31? A lot!!!! I feel bad because of that.

I want to have some fun with our Halloween weekend. No tricks, just treats. 🙂 Here’s our contest: Simply “like” us on Facebook and post a comment with one of your favorite Halloween memories (you need to do both). You can post the comment here on the blog. The winner will receive one free DIY display!! It’s pretty simple. It will also be fun to read the posts!!!!!

Also, we will be showing off a new website look in the next few days. Stay tuned!!!!!

Happy Trick-or-Treating everyone!!!!