We have the most unique Valentine’s Day gift idea you will ever send!!


I think Valentine’s Day is a fun day. You get to have one holiday just to show how much you care. You love your spouse, parents, children, grandparents, best friend. You care about your friends, neighbors, co-workers & classmates.

It’s a great day to ask your love to marry you! Talk about WOW!!

There’s enough trouble, worry & sadness happening in our world that it is even more important to seize every moment you can to make your loved ones smile & show them how much you care.

That’s where I come in! Our yard displays-hands down-are one of the biggest surprises, smile makers & unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can get!!

A yard full of love flamingos & hearts?!! Try not to smile!!!

I get so excited about this holiday because it is all about love, caring & friendship!!

Take a look over at our Valentine’s Day page & then let us know who you would like to send a Valentine yard to!! Here’s the full Photo Gallery!


Chris Ann