I got a unique request recently. This nice lady wanted to do something different to surprise her friend’s son. This boy, Jaron, is 10 years old, so when she was requesting “Welcome Home” stars, I wondered why. I found out. 🙁

This sweet boy, her son’s best buddy, had been skiing on Christmas Day, and was in a terrible skiing accident, hitting a tree. Guess what saved him? You guessed it….his helmet. The eery part was my boys were also skiing on Christmas Day. I could not imagine getting that news while waiting on theme to come down.

Of course, I wanted to make it extra special because this kid had been through all kinds of horrible. One thing to keep in mind…I live in League City. This kid lived just west of IKEA in Hunter’s Creek/I-10 area. Not close. But how could I say NO?!!!


Even though my sweet client did not order Smiley Stan, I knew he would want to be there, and would really add a big Welcome. So here I was on a busy street carrying Smiley Stan, who was waving to the police officers & all the other cars passing by.

(See the smiley balloons? I decided I had to bring those, too.) Are you able to look at him and NOT smile?!! Hi Stan!








Here is the finished display. What do you think? I hear the sweet boy was excited & really liked his homecoming surprise. Such a nice gift back to know he liked it. 🙂

Cheers to a wonderful day!!

Chris Ann