Today begins Father’s Day weekend!! I am excited that we already got to surprise one dad today.

Here is the “World’s Greatest Dad” display in South Shore Harbor in League City, ready to surprise a special someone when he comes home from work tosay!!!



We will start Father’s Day with volunteering at the local Elks Lodge to make & serve a nice pancake breakfast to all of the dads & grandfathers (my hubby included) with our Boy Scout troop, have a special Flag ceremony, and then pick up American flags from homes that rented them for Flag Day. We might squeeze in a movie afterward, and then prepare a nice homemade dinner! Did you see our Father’s DY Menu Ideas? (They are in the previous post) YUM!!

I love getting to honor the guys in our life. What other ideas are you doing for your special men? We can’t wait to hear!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the deserving dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers & all of the men that make a sifference in our lives!!


Chris Ann